Our Adoptable Dogs

Duke & Dutchess

Duke is a blue pit, 87 lbs, and an adult dog. Age is estimated at 7-8 years old.


Duchess is 7 and 10 lbs and both are extremely sweet, gentle and loving dogs that love going on walks as hanging out with their foster family.


These two are very much bonded since we are guessing they lived in the same home.


They were found outside in the snow in January and Duchess was sitting on top of her big boy Duke. They watch out for each other and can’t be apart for more than minute. They sat at the shelter for 5 months waiting for someone to save them.


They are learning to trust again and enjoying the comforts of home. They hang out on the couch and watch the family go about their everyday lives. They are so grateful for being saved and thank you by giving lots of kisses and paws raises.


We are continuing to go slow with this sweet pair that deserves to be spoiled and cared for by a loving family.


We would love for them to go on adventures, explore the outdoors and take trips with their new family.