Our Adoptable Dogs

Sir Duke

Hi there,

It’s me Sir Duke, the funny boy. I love people and absolutely can’t wait to play with my doggy friends. I live at doggy day care with my girlfriend Princess.

I’m a designer dog called a beagle-bull. I’m a beagle and a pity. I have the sweet face and playful personality of a beagle and the sensitive side like a pity.

I have the best time with my doggy care doggy friends and can’t wait to play with them. I’m an older gentlemen but will fill your day with funny antics. I love to play and I act like a puppy sometimes with my running around and playing with my toys.

I am super healthy and a funny guy that everyone enjoys being with me, because I’m happy all the time, I love movie night and I aim to please.

I’m always ready for a good time and will be your best friend.

I can make you laugh and cuddle with you on cold nights. Please, please come meet me and I know you will fall in love with me.

I’m a well behaved boy that know lots of tricks and will be your big boy. My foster mommy tells me that my family is coming, so I know once you read this you will come and meet me.

Please fill out an adoption application at Perfectlyposhpaws.org and call my mommy at 708/227-9337.

okay, bye for now 🙂

Can’t wait to meet you too.


Sir Duke


Good day to ya,

Hi everyone, it’s silly, funny and happy boy Teddy. I hope you like the pictures my foster mommy posted of me. I tried to get all the good angles, hope it worked.

I am looking for my new family and was hoping it may be you. So, maybe I could tell you a few things about myself.

I’m a Havashu which means I’m a Havanese/and a Shih Tzu mix.

My foster mommy tells everyone that I’m a very good boy with a spunky outgoing and happy personality.

I love people and dogs and look forward to my morning walks and always looking for those squirrels. I’m a good listener and enjoy going on adventures and exploring the outdoors.

Everything is very interesting to me and I love chasing balls
and playing with squeaky toys. Doggie parks are fun and I can run really fast and play with my doggy friends.

I know command and do tricks for my foster family. I love snuggling with my favorite person. (shhh it my foster mommy)
Movie night is totally fun.

I know my family is out there. Is it you, please come meet me and I know you will fall in love.

If you fill out an application at Perfectlyposhpaws.org you can meet me and then we can play together like best friends. I thinks that would be cool.

Ok, bye and see you very soon.




Guess who, it’s me Sammie.

I’m very happy to meet you. I would like to tell you a little about myself. I am a chiweenie, which means I’m a dachshund and a chihuahua.

Things to know about me:
* Easy going and calm, I never bark or cause any ruckus
* Great walking buddy and super on the leash
* Love going to the beach and jumping in the water
* Enjoy hanging out with my foster mommy and my best friend
* I think doggie parks are totally cool
* Love exploring and going on big adventures
* Snuggle time is my favorite time of the day
* Kids and dogs I sometimes get nervous around, but I just tell people to take it slow with me and then I’ll be okay.

If you are looking for a sweet boy that well behaved and shy boy that is crate trained and a super snuggle bug then I’m your man. Be my person and family and I promise to be the best boy ever.

If you fill out an application at Perfetlyposhpaws.org then you can meet me real soon.

Ok, bye for now.



Brody and Caylee

Guess who?

It’s me Caylee and my brother Brody

We are so excited to meet you today. We are two siblings that are looking for our new family. Could it be you?

Brody and I are Yorkie-Poms which means we are a Yorkie and a Pomeranian. We love people so much and enjoy sitting on your lap or exploring the outdoors. Out favorite past time is going for a walk or hanging out at the doggy park.

We are super quiet, calm and very affectionate to everyone we meet. We also can find a new friend when our foster mommy brings us for a walk. We are very gentle and don’t bark.

Super playful, loving, social, and very friendly. We can hang out on the couch on a Sunday afternoon or go for a walk to the park. We are the best companions, please come meet us.

Thank you for reading our story, please fill out an application at Perfectlyposhpaws.org and call my foster mommy at 708/227-9337.

Okay, Bye for now

Caylee and Brody – hope to see you soon