Giving Tuesday

Our Campaign

Our goal is to raise funds to help continue the lifesaving work of our animal rescue team. No amount is too small and for every $1 you donate today will help feed the animals we rescue, including the necessary medical treatments, vaccinations, and grooming.

We are focusing on new wheels to transport our canines and felines as well as cages, carriers and preventive health care to our furry friends. Our donators can help us reach our goal of $10,000 which will in turn allow us to purchase a facility to house all our pups, kitties and give us more life-saving opportunities to pull more dogs and cats in danger of dying due to overpopulation. We are committed to helping animal control as well as our rescue partners but we can’t do it alone. Saving animals is expensive and we solely rely on your donations and with your help we can continue our journey and mission to animal rescue.

Our passion goes beyond our rescue, we are developing new outreach community events to educate and help control over population with spay and neuter programs throughout the year but we can’t do this without your help and support. We are helping low-income families in keeping their pets currently in their home.

Pets leave paw prints on your heart!