Board Members

Our non-profit board members are active members and have a deep responsibility to protecting animals. Each board member is directly looking after the governance of the organization and safeguarding our mission and goal. These individuals are driving positive change, protecting the values of our rescue and gathering community animal advocacy information and animal control data that will provide a baseline of information thereby furthering our goal. We will use this data to help expand our programs that will promote and advance our organization and mission.

These individuals believe in the cause and have a genuine interest in helping build a strong organization to support the non-profits cause mission.

  • Our humane organization creates a focal point for all our rescuing efforts that will in turn help animals and give each rescued animal the love, compassion and care they need to grow healthy and happy. Many may not have experienced existed prior to our involvement. Our board executes a financial and strategic plan for the long-term health of the organization; they are each held accountable for every initiative and will be the governance of the rescue.
  • Our board is investing time and money to caretaking, campaigns, governance and oversight. They are building fundraising events including managing related administrative tasks to achieve our goals which will in turn provide quality care to our animals.
  • Our combined talents will help grow our organization and strengthen our rescue, so we can continue to save more and more animals. Our board will expand our knowledge by attending workshops and seminars in order to help our rescue be better-rounded individuals with a deeper perspective and insight.

We are continually helping drive a positive change in the community with care, commitment and attention and adding value to the operation. Mixing all our skills, experience and knowledge service the rescue in the best interest. Every trustee is involved in attaining our goals through program development, sponsorship and fund-raising events.

Linda Atteo

Founder / President

Linda is President and Chief Executive Officer of Perfectly Posh Paws and is responsible to the rescues and the operation of the organization. She has 20+ years in marketing, website development with a strong background in sales and content development. She hopes her career in corporate life will be an asset and help form her rescue by providing education and community outreach programs.

For many years Linda has volunteered for local rescues and has been involved in pet events for various local rescues. Her passion is beyond measure and her focus has always been on helping the most animals as she can. She is very well known in the rescue community and has formed many partnerships and friendships over the years. She prides herself on helping wherever she can by reaching out to local shelters in Chicago.

Many know her on Facebook for re-sharing desperate posts on animals needing rescue whether it’s here in Illinois or overseas. She has spent many years on social media trying to make a difference and giving her own money to numerous rescues for pledges on dogs and cats that need funds to transport in order to save a their life.

So many dogs go unnoticed for whatever reason and are never given a chance. They pay the biggest price by losing their life, due to space. I know that if I don’t try to help each and every animal, I won’t sleep at night knowing I could have helped. I just wish I did this work years ago and opened my own rescue.

There isn’t enough help and hours in a day to save all the ones that come your way, and it is beyond heartbreaking. Fostering, training, veterinary care, temperament and behavior testing is another reason why I opened my own rescue.

I know many people think rescue dogs are broken, or a problem but that is not entirely true. All dogs deserve a home and I want to spread the word on the advantaging of fostering and adopting a rescue dog. I want to change people’s perception on rescue dogs and cats in general and the cost involved in saving each one. Rescuing is hard work but the rewards you feel knowing you saved a life is impactful and gratifying. I want to share our team’s journey with the world and connect by sharing photos, videos and sending messages and updates.

We have trainers at our disposable and can reach out to rehabilitation centers to improve the lives the animals we take into our rescue. I will not give up on the community cats, shelter animals and the ones in high kill or at animal control. We will be here for the dogs and cats that have been left behind when their owner moves. The ones given up or have medical issues. We will be here for all of them today and always.

Natalie Ashmore

PR & Media Relations

Natalie has been a dog enthusiast since she can remember and her love and passion for caring for pups will be carried throughout her position at Perfectly Posh Paws. Two summers ago, Linda helped Natalie convince her parents to foster an adorable black lab. What her parents thought was going to be a two-week experience, turned into a lifelong ownership of the dog, named Tux! Natalie’s ability to connect with dogs will always be a trait she finds special and she is thrilled to be a Board Member of this amazing organization!

Trustee develops educations services, building a strong community relations component, provides student volunteer program outreach efforts, communicates the mission and organizes marketing.