Our Mission

Love the Lonely Help the Homeless Save the Stays Rescue the Rejected

Perfectly Posh Paws Rescue is a 501(c)3 organization founded in 2017. It is run by passionate individuals who save dogs and cats from high kill shelters. The rescues are then placed in our foster program where they can feel the comfort of living in a home surrounded by individuals who care and love them as their own.

We offer hope to those facing unfortunate circumstances where the well-being of an animal is at risk. This can be pets who’s owner passed away or families facing financial hardship. Some pet owners can no longer provide for an animal due to a medical condition. When individuals feel they have nowhere to turn, we offer peace of mind, knowing their pet will be in good hands. Our fosters families provide these animals with a temporary loving home.

We are committed to rescuing and saving as many animals as we can and then spay and neuter in order to reduce the high population of pets in the United States.

We can’t do it without your continued support.
Please help us rescue and care for dogs
and cats that would otherwise have no future.
We can do this together and secure a safe home
for these dogs that are in bad situations.

Why Choose Us?

We go above and beyond adoption by:
• Providing a network of trainers, behavioral veterinarians, groomers, and daycare facilities for our rescue families.
• A team committed to animal advocacy, educating the community, dog and cat health care, veterinary insurance information, and diet recommendations
• We explore the benefits of a variety of options to treat dogs with aggressive behavior, brain injuries, obsessive compulsion disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder.